Biologique Recherche

When I arrived in Rhône Dental Clinic, I met Tatiana bOrysova who sells Biologique Recherche in Switzerland.

At first sight, it is brand like another… And you know me, I tested about everything… Fillorga, Texan, Dermaceutic, Auriga, and I loved every brands… But my life changed when I tried P50 lotion for the skin, exfoliating and purifying, it is the perfect-skin-secret of many people (Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone, etc).

I endly bought all the products, for the face and the hair!

For the face, the perfect-skin effect guaranteed! No more impurities and fine wrinkles! For the hair, regrowth is stimulated, we can plenty of small hair appearing with time! These products are close to No Poo concept where, thanks to the use of natural products without silicon and other artificial things, the hair will re-find its natural health. The company proposes you as well to custom your own cosmetics, according to hydration, elasticity and reactivity parameters of your skin!

In Geneva, you will find these products in Rhône Dental Clinic and in the Spa of Hotel des Bergues at Four Seasons Hotel.

In Switzerland, you can find Biologique Recherche in Gstaad, at Alpina Hotel

Last minute news, you can find Biologique Recherche in Spa de Bagnols (Winking at Lavorel Family)!

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Ma gamme Cheveux // Hair products

Ma gamme Cheveux // Hair products

Ma gamme Visage // Face products

Ma gamme Visage // Face products